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LB Conception LB Conception (2009)
Design in Interior Architecture
Azura Networks Azura Networks (2009)
Company of Sophia Antipolis Specialized in Web Hosting.
ISPFr Network ISPFr Network (2009)
Hosting Network High Availability.
Eliane Scordo Eliane Scordo (2009)
Web Site of an Author.
Cannes Médical & Inter Médica Cannes Médical & Inter Médica (2008)
Web Site Internet of Shops providing Equipment and Solutions to mobility problems.
Nuxit.Com Nuxit.Com (2008)
Web Site of Web Hosting.
PhpNux.Com PhpNux.Com (2007)
Web Site of Web Hosting.
Nuxit.Com Nuxit.Com (2007)
Web Site Relooking of Web Hosting.
1Hebercgement.Com 1Hebergement.Com (2007)
Web Site of Web Hosting.
All Suites Residence All Suites Residence (2005)
4 Stars Hotel Website @ Cannes (France).
Spéracèdes Spéracèdes (2005)
Website of Spéracèdes village (France).
Site 3D Site 3D (2004)
Still a little 3D on the Web realized as part of my studies.
Living Dead Living Dead in the School of Computing (2003)
A small delirious movie and its game realized as part of my studies.
Movie & Game
EPLEAH Antibes EPLEAH Antibes (2003)
Website of the Etablissement Public Local d'Enseignement Agricole & Horticole d'Antibes realized as part of my studies.
Miss LPMI Miss LPMI (2003)
Virtual Guided Tour of the computing building of Nice IUT realized as part of my studies (QuickTime Movie).
TEP Mouans Sartoux TEP (2001-2002)
Website of the company T.E.P.
Cabris Cabris (2000-2001)
Website of Cabris village (France) realized as part of my studies.
Auto 3D Auto 3D (2000-2001)
A little bit of 3D on the Web realized as part of my studies.
L'Indésirable L'Indésirable (1999-2000)
Little game in JavaScript realized as part of my studies.
First Movie

Premier Film (1999-2000)
A first delirious movie test realized as part of my studies.